Thursday, June 4, 2009

to market, to market

Just a little preview of a work in progress! The Fantasy Natural Market Bag had proven so far to be a quick, fun knit! (that is unless my index finger on my hand hand begins to speak anytime soon)
I'm a fan of green and purple together, and finding both available in the new Red Heart Eco-Ways Recycled blend made mixing even more tempting! I mean, how you gonna make a market bag in new yarn? I have a ton of reusable bags as it is that I use for shopping trips - I paid about a buck for each. If this goes well, I'm planning on sharing the market bag love for the holidays and birthdays with friends and family.

For the bottom, I used a sz10 straight, then picked my stitches to a circular 10.5, as it was nearly impossible to pick up the stitches using the 17's I intend to use for the main portion of the pattern. But, I'm taking it as it goes - depending, I may switch to a 13 or 15 circ but, I believe in using the tools you have handy when at all possible :)

*about the photo in the pic - that's my grandma on the day she left San Francisco to head off for Texas. Granny was a WAAC! I have her flight logs from 1943 and it details her trips over head oil fields making sure they hadn't been attacked by "the enemy". Wow.

I miss me some grams. xoxo

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

HP Giveaway!

This is delicious, people! Enter to win a Vivienne Tam edition HP Mini 1000! It's red, it's gorgeous and I just want to touch it! Check out Blissful Style for details on how you can enter and WIN!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Calling Issac Newton ...

I started and finished this lil hat so fast, I didn't even get a chance to add it to my "on the needles" list!

The Apple of Our Eye hat was made for my newest niece, Izzabella Josephine, born in January. Sadly, I won't have a chance to actually meet her until November but until then she can be touched by something made with love from Auntie. Her dark beautiful hair will so cute peeking from under it!


A very happy sparkly pixie dust congratulations to the lovely and talented crochet/knitting maven, Vickie Howell! She and her hubby have just welcomed into the world, a beautiful new little girl ... Clover Sophia.

Visit her twitter to follow her updates, or check out her to become more inspired (and even more fearless!)

Congrats, Vickie!