Monday, May 4, 2009

*!(&%$Holy hand knits, Batman!*&%^*(!

At first, when I read about a comic book with heroes that knitted, I thought it was kind of, well, odd. But the longer I think about it - hey, why the heck not? It's ok to believe some dude had a liquid metal injected into him (and he lived!) and now he has retractable knives in his hands? Or some dude flips around shooting webs ... that's sort of a knit type thing. Or ... well you get where I'm going with this. So why not, hero characters who happen to knit?

When I first mentioned it to my hubby and his friend, the friend asked, "what are they going to do? Bore the bad guys to death? grumble Anyway... if you're seeking something different from the same ol knit books, mags, or ideas about knitting, check out "Hand Knit Heroes".

Along with a story line, you'll find a pattern (yay!!) There's also a hero mask contest going on so what are you waitin' for? To the invisable airplane to save the world!

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  1. A graphic novel for knitters does seem exciting. I wouldn't mind reading.