Wednesday, July 29, 2009

geometry for knitters

A very quick knit - a mobius cowl. I CO 3 rows last night and in a snap finished it up today.

I love it but, it's way darker than I envisioned, and the pattern is so nice to look at. I'm about to shut down the box and cast on another ... in a cherry red!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


The idea of casting on another project (or two) can actually be used as fuel to drive you to finally finish a current WIP that you've been slacking on ... so I found out this evening! Not that I don't mind having multiple WIPs going at the same time, or even projects I am deathly sick of, sitting in time-out, while I knit away on something else that pleases me. It's just that I like it when my projects are actually finished and not hanging around, like a skeleton in a closet waiting to pounce at just the moment I think everything (craft-wise) is in order and I can move on to the next ...

My Storm Cloud (aka Peppermint Shawlette) is fini! It's blocking and drying right now, and can't come to the computer screen. I'll post pics when I can drape her over something natural outside. It's turned out way larger than I ever imagined, too!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

knit lurve

Circumstances dictate that I couldn't actually purchase the latest copy of Knitscene (on shelves as of yesterday) but they sure couldn't keep me from window shopping!

Unusual cable projects and stunning modern knits are featured in the Fall 2009 offering of Knitscene ... as well as a great tutorial for reading lace charts and counting cable rows! Seriously, when they say "must knit" projects on the cover - they really mean it!

As someone who is still oogling her Winter/Spring issue ... I lurve this mag!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

In the pink

Fons & Porter's Love of Knitting latest edition is filled with deliciously tasty patterns, making it easy for a crafty one who sorta dreads knitting during warmer months. Even the thought of having a wool work in progress simply laying against me as I knit it, makes me break into a sweat. Not so with the choices in the Summer '09 issue!

Petal Tam by Jae Koscierzynski
My latest cast on is the "Petal Tam". Just girlie enough to not come off as just another slouch hat, and cool enough that I'm knitting like mad so I can tuck my dreadlocks into it asap!

It's a bit larger than this at the time of my blog but, here she is so far ...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

forecast; sunny with a chance of storm clouds

My featured finished project isn't knitting but hey, it is in the happy column of "done!" Last year about this time I started a dress for my little one on my then brand new Singer. The dress turned out pretty good for my first attempt at sewing with a machine. Unfortunately, at the time, it was just too big on her.

The upside now is, it does fit this summer, and voila! she has a brand new dress all of the sudden! The current work in progress is a knitting creation ... the Storm Cloud Shawlette. I chose it because it was a simple pattern with big payoff in the end. It does get a little ho-hum (it's 2 rows over and over, with a knit row thrown in every so often) but the bored feeling is fleets away knowing how lovely it's going to be once I cast off! To see how large it's getting, I taped another 29 inch circular needle to my working circ and slid the stitches over to spread out. I currently have more stitches than I am even going to bother counting!

Storm Cloud Shawlette by Hannah Breetz
Happy crafting!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

a give away, and how I've missed ewe

Fret not, blog readers! Tis I, the author of this fine knitting blog! I hath returned upon beaded lace gossamer wings! With words and ramblings to uplift thy weary heart, I shall give thee reason to rejoice and ... gah, that was terrible wasn't it? LOL Sorry, I had a giggling fit as I sat to type just now and it got away from me ;)

But, seriously ... after the 4th, and just plain old being distracted from blogging - not to mention really not having a great time knitting my current work in progress, I just didn't know what to lay down here! All I can say is ... thank goodness for giveaways!

I just, and I mean *just*, discovered this neat little blog by the name of Little Ranch House, by way of seeking out contests and give aways. The author resides in just about the best place in the world (yes, I am biased but ... ) and reaching her 100th post at her Little Ranch House blog, she's celebrating with a give away!!! The 100th post give away is possibly the easiest one you will ever enter. All she wants is a simple comment ... no task or online shop to visit ... just drop by and say "hi!". You can even tell her I sent ya ;)

Speaking of comments ... comments are fabulous! It's what we live for! (bloggers, I mean) So, whether or not you relate to a post or even like a WIP progress featured, just jot down a quick note! it could be about your day, what color yarn you are seeking, heck you can even bitch on my comments about that nimrod who cut you off in traffic if you like, as long as you say something! I heart your comments!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

cashmere criminal!

Now, here's a lady that gives "Grandma Dynamite" a run for her money! Seriously, granny, what on earth are you gonna do with all that yarn anyway?

Click to read on ...
Yarn Thief Gets a Year in Prison!