Sunday, November 8, 2009

love and knitted gifts

I apologize for not adding text to this post sooner! It's been just over a week since the happy occasion of one of my goddaughters getting married. (I say "one" because she's a twin!) Jessica Lyn married her longtime boyfriend, Mike, on the 7th. it was an intimate, semi formal affair at the Benecia Yacht Club. They said their "I dos" right on the marina.

I'm not usually one for needing a tissue at weddings but, watching "my little girl" get hitched, had me wishing for a hankie!
Mike, Jessica and Molly-Fae
Pink Lady Fingerless Waffle Mitts I knitted the Pink Ladies months ago with no real idea who they'd eventually go to. After much musing (and agonizing) over what to give Jess as a wedding gift, I decided to embroider them, and make them hers. The left glove has a "J" with a flower. The right glove has the stars seen with the naked eye in the constellation "Casseopeia". A random shot of my shoes and favorite Kathy Van Zeeland bag. (thanks mom!)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

this is what I'm up to ...

Molly-Fae and I have been back in California for 9 days now, with about 3 weeks to go. Unfortunately my hubby is way too busy right now to request more time off to be here with us. All three of us in our little family visited home back in August and had an incredible time ... which is why I felt a huge tug to hurry up and get back here!

"Home" is Concord California, by the way ;)

I'm having a bit of blogging block since I have so many things on my mind these days so, I'll summerize my thoughts as best I can ...

1 - Dang it, I forgot my digital cam USB cord AND the adapter for my memory card in my phone again! I forgot them last trip too, and had a ton of pics I would have loved to share right away. Once again, it looks like I'll have to wait.

2 - All I want to do is shop! I visited Fashion Knit in Walnut Creek a few days ago, and was in bliss! Great shop, fab yarns to oogle and choose from. I intend to visit again before I fly away. There are a few other knit shops to get around to also! (Yarn Boutique, Imagiknit)

3 - Halloween was a blast! Molly-Fae was a fairy princess, and certainly played the roll to the hilt. We only got around to trick-or-treating at one house before she decided all she wanted to do was take off her costume and consume her candy. We compromised and only one lollipop was eaten ... I gave the rest of her booty away. (does anyone really like Swedish Fishes???)

Other than the trick-or-treat, she was able to enjoy being part of a parade at my 6 year old neice's elementary school, and some fun activities at the day care both of my neices attend. I'll be able to show off the plate she made in about a month!

4 - Finger paints, podcasts, tea parties, and story telling! More on these later.

5 - Having the need to tink a row on Damson (my count was off on my 2nd lace row), I picked up a set of Bryspun Circular Needles. Size 3, 24 inch. I've never been big on plastic needles of any kind, but these feel really good! I'm actually inspired to knit socks with them! Now that's sayin' sumthin!

6 - If I have to watch Strawberry Shortcake one more time, I may hurl.

7 - Speaking of Damson, she's looking great! It's crammed on a 24 inch circular right now, so I really can't see all of her at once. I'm on the hunt for a size 8, 40inch! I'm on a shawl kick so it's likely to be used over and over!

8 - Just like I thought, my dreads feel a ton better out here. I don't know if it's the water or what, but, within one week here both mine and Molly-Fae's dry scalp issues are all but resolved. The natural dread forming on the back of her head is another story ... ugh. The kid hates to have her naturally curly hair combed. It's a nightmare!

9 - It's hard for me to believe but, my eldest god daughter will be a married woman on Saturday. A lot of reminiscing has been taking place in my head the last few days; beginning from the call I recieved when she and her twin were just born, to watching them walk to elementary school, and through the high school "boy friend years". I'm almost sad to realize that neither of them are the little girls I've thought of them as for so long. I love them beyond words and both Jessica and Sam have blossomed into beautiful young women.

10 - Well, I think that's it for now. A bit more coffee, and a shower to wake up is calling to me. Those and, I'm suddenly feeling the need to give my own little one a big squeeze!

Happy knitting and xoxo from the 925!