Friday, November 25, 2011

handmade ornaments

Trying hard to get my craft on here! A group of knitters online are making and sending ornaments to each other. Even though I have literally looked thru hundreds of handmade ornament ideas, I'm still a little lost about what I want to make. 

My idea for an owl failed so, I'm trying my hand at another type of bird.

I love my crock pot!

Pre-made bread dough is pretty awesome too :)

Hope everyone in the US had a fabulous Thanksgiving! If you live somewhere else, well, I hope you had a great day too :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

even hamsters do it

It is with a heavy heart that I must report the following...

The animal kingdom's "hamster power couple" Hammijojin and Blanket have called it quits. Amidst allegations of abuse and bouts of binge eating, as well as not sharing the food bowl at all, agents for the domestic partners filed for dissolution.

The couple will divide property 50/50. Hammijojin will continue to live in the couple's first home, while Blanket (the alleged abuser) has moved in to a new *designer* home they acquired together at the end of summer.

The two ask for respect of their privacy during this difficult time.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Do they know me, or what?

Mail Call!

My mail carrier really knows how to make my day ;) Feast your eyes on my latest swap acquisitions...

Sanguin Griffin Mithril Lace in "Night And The City" and Naiad Sock from Dragonfly Fibers in "Texas Bluebonnet". I seem to be on a huge blue-kick lately, and ridding my stash of colors that are in the realm of pink. Maybe it's the season? The colder weather *could* be playing a role in this trend, I suppose.

Another somethin-somethin added to my stash was a small buy from Hobby Lobby. I am totally in love with Yarn Bee's Snowflake Wool Blend yarns! They are 56/44 wool/polyester and so squooshy! This is my "limeberry"...

Oh, and you can't beat the price :)