Monday, March 21, 2016

Time marches on

Happy belated New year!

I don't make or keep resolutions so, there's nothing like that to post about. My first winter here in Alaska has been keeping me busy...more or less. I've learned that yeah, I really do like snow, just like I've kinda always thought. Growing up in California we would have to drive about 3 hours during the winter to play in the snow. Where I kive today, I've had a constant supply of snow right out my front door since before Halloween. Yeah it's cold - but that's what layering clothing is for. Also, I like being bundled up and being able to wear boots without my feet sweating.

One major change I did make - and it happened to be on New Years day but, pretty much just how it worked out. I cut my dreadlocks off. It felt like the day to do it so after months of thinking about it, it happened.

I loved my dreadlocks - and still have them in a ziplock ;) But for me anyway, my dreadlocks were like reminders, almost in the way a tree has rings marking it's time. I could pull a loc out and from a little bump here, or a spot where an old bleach job lingered, I was constantly reminded of memories that were sometimes painful in the last 7 1/2 years. After 2015 I'd had enough reminders. Done.


Like a ton of other bloggers out there, I forget to post for long periods of time. Maybe I need to set an alarm reminder? Not a bad idea. I do plan on being more attentive to my blog, but I am also going to begin a new one. This blog is my place for everything stuff. Hair, yarn, weather, news, family, friends, etc. The new blog I am working on is dedicated to going vegan. Yeah, that happened too. If you'd like to follow that journey...please do! I'll have a link up soon to get you there :)

See you soon with updates and some recent photos. Have a good week! Now, go punch Monday in the FACE!