Thursday, October 15, 2009

what I should have been doing over the summer ...

I should have been knitting a sweater, of course!

All those warm, humid days, when I couldn't imagine having wool touching my skin - I should have just grinned and dealt with it. It was almost like Mother Nature's bell went off on the first day of Autumn and suddenly, our warmer days are but a misty memory ... not that I'm complaining! But, instead of Kohl's getting my good money today for a soft-as-cashmere-but-it's-really-acrylic sweater, I could have made my real cashmere sweater months ago. Ah well, there's still time before the snow begins to cover the earth. Right, Mama Nature?

my fabulous Daisy Fuentes Marled Cardigan - it's on SALE!

A sweater I aspire to create? Now that's a heady list to behold. At the top of my list, however ... the Clasica Coat from Interweave Knits Fall 09 issue sits. My mom has already told me that I'll be making it for her! (just buy the yarn, ma!) Or, as Carol would say, "No!". The Drops design 95-4 Cardigan "Art Knitting" Based on a Circle. Yum! Easy to create, but it doesn't look it - I like that!

Tippy top of the iceberg, along with everything Ysolda Teague makes with two sticks ...

Now that I feel all snuggly, warm, and cozy, I think I'll go have a cupcake!