Friday, March 7, 2014

Bubbles, cookies and ...more?

Ok so, yes, I tried the bubbles but they failed miserably the very next day. I've left the jar in the cabinet and tried more bubbles every few days and it seems to be getting better. Maybe they need time to "cure"? No clue but, here's a little update with pics of my homemade bubble experiment!

NOT the T-Virus

Finding things with holes in them!

 The little cheese grater didn't work but, whatever this is did!

I have a video to share but, it's been uploading from my Drive for a while now. I'll get it on here soon!

But .... even though the bubbles don't seem to be as "firm" as the ones I've bought in the store, I'm happy with them because I know what made up the formula. And besides, my 6 year old isn't going to complain - as long as there's bubbles of any size involved!

As for my absence *this* time around. I'm a Girl Scout Troop leader and it's COOKIE SEASON!

I've been a little busy :)

I've been doing some knitting (of course) and it's going slowly but surely. A second Tea Leaves Cardigan is in the works. I love to knit on it but my right arm doesn't like to so much. Old rotator cuff injury, "tennis elbow". bursitis, repetitive movement, heavy lifting at work... doesn't make for very productive knitting! I do what I can though. And, I am also trying to get the hang of Continental knitting. I think I may be too uncoordinated for it though LOL

Some progress ... I've made more since these pics. 

That's all the updating I have time for now. I have cookies and a little girl to pick up from her after school program. I've been thinking about changing my blog host for awhile as just isn't doing it for me anymore - stay tuned for more on that!