Saturday, July 11, 2009

a give away, and how I've missed ewe

Fret not, blog readers! Tis I, the author of this fine knitting blog! I hath returned upon beaded lace gossamer wings! With words and ramblings to uplift thy weary heart, I shall give thee reason to rejoice and ... gah, that was terrible wasn't it? LOL Sorry, I had a giggling fit as I sat to type just now and it got away from me ;)

But, seriously ... after the 4th, and just plain old being distracted from blogging - not to mention really not having a great time knitting my current work in progress, I just didn't know what to lay down here! All I can say is ... thank goodness for giveaways!

I just, and I mean *just*, discovered this neat little blog by the name of Little Ranch House, by way of seeking out contests and give aways. The author resides in just about the best place in the world (yes, I am biased but ... ) and reaching her 100th post at her Little Ranch House blog, she's celebrating with a give away!!! The 100th post give away is possibly the easiest one you will ever enter. All she wants is a simple comment ... no task or online shop to visit ... just drop by and say "hi!". You can even tell her I sent ya ;)

Speaking of comments ... comments are fabulous! It's what we live for! (bloggers, I mean) So, whether or not you relate to a post or even like a WIP progress featured, just jot down a quick note! it could be about your day, what color yarn you are seeking, heck you can even bitch on my comments about that nimrod who cut you off in traffic if you like, as long as you say something! I heart your comments!

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