Wednesday, May 13, 2009

you drive me crazy!

Back when I was happy! :) A day or two before I turned the heel ...
goin' good! last night
partially fragged ... fallen & disappearing stitches and all
What happened, you ask? Well everything was going fine (that's when you should begin to worry, by the way) I had turned the heel, picked up my stitches and began my decrease rows to hit my magic number again. I reached 32 on needle #1, and then decided to continue to decrease work on needle #2 ... not thinking that doing so would move my working yarn away from needle #1. About 10 rows later, it hit me!

To try and remedy the problem, because I hadn't done a "life line" of any sort, I took a free needle and tried to pick up stitches back where I should have continued knitting my rows together. That's all well and good but, being partially distracted, trying to entertain my 22 month old, hungry and anxious because I love my first sock, is not a good combination for trying to fix a boo boo when you're not very good at fixing boo boos.

In the process I lost stitches, some ended up falling off the end of the needle, hiding away. Oh yay, the beauty of sock yarn! (groan)After bedtime for the little one, I took at it again with a sewing needle and dental floss to be sure I didn't split anymore already upset frogged yarn, and straighten out as much as I could on needle #2. i was pretty sure my stitch count should be around 52 for #2, and ended up with 49 ... close enough for government work!

I've got a few rows redone. it's not as perty as it was before this fiasco but I'm happy my first sock is still intact. And ... I still have one sock to go LOL That one will be the "perfect" one, right? Maybe I should just name sock one, "the ugly sister". :)


  1. The yarn is really pretty! You should be very proud of yourself. I'm a chicken knitter. If I make a mistake, I rip and start over.

  2. Never rip! And do go for it! Theres always an experienced knitter willing to help you out!!!

  3. I'm currently in the process of learning the heels on my first pair of socks. Ughhhh. Is it just me or are heels a nightmare? I had a successful trial heel flap and then heel turn. I am going to use my #2 magic needles today (again) and get as far as the k2 p2 ribbing, stockinette body and heel turn and hopefully the gussett lesson goes well... I've been at the sock tutorials for 3 days now with multiple tear outs and do overs. Are there any tricks I should know? How did you learn your heels? -Retta