Saturday, July 31, 2010

a great tutorial

oh yes, wait a minute, Mr Postman

I do a lot of yarn swapping on Ravelry. I know that you've read me sayin' this before, but its getting worse! I'm quickly becoming quite the swap hoar! Today my favorite mail deliverer dropped a hank of gorgeous Malabrigo in Tiziano Red.

This is what Sasha the Pug thought of the Mal!

With all the projects that I have in mind right now, I figured it was high time I got to winding some of these swappy gems up! The red is the Malabrigo, the green is "Kerosene Pickles" from Knit Fit Knitting, and the juicy looking multi-colored cake is Cascade 220 Painted Superwash in a "fruit punch" kind of color.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


as the Queen
cake would be for all
Death - a faded, bad memory.

~jlkg 0024 2010/07/30

Marie-Antoinette - Joseph Ducreaux, 1769

from the Poetry Foundation -

What's a Fib? Math plus poetry.


Spiraling mixture:
Math plus poetry yields the Fib.

Gregory K. Pincus wasn’t expecting to start a movement when he posted this Fib—his very first—to his blog last year. The Los Angeles writer, volunteer librarian, and dad was simply commemorating the opening of National Poetry Month by sharing the six-line, 20-syllable poem.

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