Friday, July 2, 2010

gimme, gimme, some {knit} luvin

I looove Freecycle! Why? Knitters and crocheters frequently destash, and give their stuff away!

Recently I've been blessed by a self proclaimed hoarder, who can't remember shit (also self proclaimed) and "has neither the time or patience" to sit down and work on projects she promised as long ago and a decade.

In the last few days, I've picked up a major stash of books from her...

Not pictured is a file folder stuffed with patterns she cut out of knit and crochet mags dating back to 1991. Also missing from this blog post are pics of 3 books straight outta 1982. I can't tell you what the patterns are because I've been so distracted by the hair styles. Yikes!

Now in my possession, is a hank of Knit Fit Knitting superwash sock in a fab colorway called Kerosene Pickles! I received it as part of a swap deal I took part in thru the Ravelry group, ChitteryChattery Swappery Swappers. Join, and become addicted! It's a great way to destash, and add something new to your collection.

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