Monday, July 5, 2010

yarn - the olde way

Hand spinning "starter kit" from Maine Woods Yarn & Fiber

You may or may not know that the Tour De France is happening right now. To coincide with the bicycle event, Ravelers are participating in the Tour De Fleece. Unlike the event that takes place on a bike, the fiber TDF is more of a personal challenge than a competition against others.

During the Tour De Fleece, each participant sets a goal to spin fiber into yarn, either by spinning wheel or hand spindle. It's only day 2 and already I'm blown away by just seeing what's been in done in such a short time! It's inspiring to a newb like me!

Day 1, my roving turned out to be about worsted weight. Not bad but, the movements involved felt really awkward. Day 2, things turned out much skinnier! (and I love my skinny yarns!) Still awkward getting the roving situated, spinning the top whorl without getting the roving wrapped around the spindle...ugh. I am happy with my little progress so far though :) Tonight a beloved buddy of mine is lending me her Bee Travel Spinning Wheel.... I'm stoked to get on a wheel and try out my skills that way!

Day 1
Day 2

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