Saturday, August 1, 2009

so easy, you have to do it

My second "geometry for knitters" mobius cowl within as many days. It's a quick, fun knit! And ... I've come to believe that cowls are totally under rated!

playing with (or without) color

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

geometry for knitters

A very quick knit - a mobius cowl. I CO 3 rows last night and in a snap finished it up today.

I love it but, it's way darker than I envisioned, and the pattern is so nice to look at. I'm about to shut down the box and cast on another ... in a cherry red!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


The idea of casting on another project (or two) can actually be used as fuel to drive you to finally finish a current WIP that you've been slacking on ... so I found out this evening! Not that I don't mind having multiple WIPs going at the same time, or even projects I am deathly sick of, sitting in time-out, while I knit away on something else that pleases me. It's just that I like it when my projects are actually finished and not hanging around, like a skeleton in a closet waiting to pounce at just the moment I think everything (craft-wise) is in order and I can move on to the next ...

My Storm Cloud (aka Peppermint Shawlette) is fini! It's blocking and drying right now, and can't come to the computer screen. I'll post pics when I can drape her over something natural outside. It's turned out way larger than I ever imagined, too!