Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yes, I wash my dreads - often, even.
Yes, Gossimer watches over me.
They're not for everybody but, I effin love my dreads!
...just sayin'

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How is a Crow Print like a Storm Cloud?

About time last year, I was working on my first shawl ever. Being a newish knitter, The Storm Cloud Shawlette was just the right "non-intimidating" shawl I needed to bolster my knit confidence. A bunch of knit stitches and yarn overs, it grows quickly.

It had the size I wanted but, the ruffled edge didn't come out like I had hoped. Not "ruffly" enough. Maybe it had to do with the fact that the bind off I did wasn't squishy enough? Eh, no biggie, I wore it anyway, until I undid the bind off a few weeks later and tried it again. That was an even bigger fiasco, and it was set aside till 2 nights ago.

my "Peppermint Shawlette" circa 7/09
Two nights ago, my Storm Cloud aka Peppermint Shawlette, went from that to a cake of yarn once more.

Like I said in my last post (I think it was) I'm working on the Tea Leaves cardigan - it has a crazy amount of stockinette - and that's to be expected with a cardigan, of course. But I can't take anymore right now! I love shawls but so many of the have a huge triangle of knit one row/purl the next, and the thought of having an alternate WIP with the same stockinette stitching going on, makes my head hurt.

I must have looked at 300 shawl patterns before I settled on Crow Prints. Pattern stitches on the *right side*, purl on the other, and only a total of fifteen stitches of knit on the cast on edge. Score!

Affectionately named "Badb is such a girly-girl" ...
for it's pink girlishness coupled with it's carrion crowness
The crow is by far my favorite bird, and pink, well, let's just say we know each other well. Last night I burned thru the first of three 26 row pattern repeats. I'm a pretty good chart reader, and prefer them most of the time. This one did throw me for a little bit of a loop when I started my second round of pattern repeat tonight but, I think I am figuring it out ok. At least I seem to have the right amout of stitches to work with so, I must be doing something right!

Brooke Campbell's Crow Prints Shawl at her Silverrose Knitting blog is a free pattern! (and it's gorgeous!!!)
The yarn I'm using is Fannie's Fingering Weight in "watermelon" from Connecticut Yarn Company. It's a delicious, soft and squishy yarn. And I should add that CT Yarn Co has wonderful customer service, too!

Now, go knit something! xoxo