Saturday, June 26, 2010

{love in a box}

198 Yards of Heaven
I love it when my mail carrier rings my doorbell! He has yet to disappoint me :) Today he handed me a box postmarked from Germany, and it was filled with goodies!

My favorite group of knittin' folks online can be found at the "Got Friends" group on Ravelry. This spring we had a secret friend swap where we were given a fellow yarnie to gift some goodness to. Long story short, the person chosen to send something to me flaked so, ninjas were dispatched to come to my rescue. My ninja happens to be located in Germany so I wound up getting a box of things I wouldn't normally see around the states!

The goods -
.a finished 198 Yards of Heaven shawl in Knit Picks Imagination Hand Painted Yarn
.anti-slip stickies in the shape of paw prints for the bottom of socks! LOL
.Riesen Karamell candies
.a chocolate bar I had to toss in the freezer immediately! It's hot here :)
.two socks worth skein of Pro Lana Sockenwolle self striping yarn in blues/white/black
.2 skeins Zettl Treviso Sockenwolle in a gorgeous deep blue
.one yummy smelling hand made soap
.a small incense tray and sticks.
.lots of lurve :) should be noted that my ninja was so badass, she originally sent me a Zippo but, customs caught it and sent the package back to her :( So, yes, that makes me hate terrorists even more.

Anyway, my very big thanks goes to my fellow knitter across the globe. You rock! xoxo

Molly modeling 198 Yards of Heaven


  1. Molly rocks ^.^ thanks for being your was so much fun.
    take care and enjoy happiness from Germany

  2. Molly is so cute! So glad your ninja came through. That is a VERY nice haul. Isn't Got Friends? the best?

  3. How cute, and what a nice surprise!
    NOw you can decide what to make with your goodies!

  4. I like your model. I think she's the cutest 3-year-old in all creation