Tuesday, June 22, 2010

progress goes both ways

My Crow Prints is coming along beautifully, and I should be wearing it this time next week. About 10 rows of the final pattern repeat, and the border rows to go, till squishy cast off :)

In the other direction, I think I am a ready to frog my Tea Leaves in favor of using different (aka better) yarn. As much as I love the color of the Wool-ease "blue heather", the 80/20 acrylic/wool blend does not come close to the yumminess I need in this WIP. This conclusion was reached after dropping 3 stitches in a row, after pulling out a few rows to correct an error I had made. When I had tried to *unsuccessfully* pick them up for almost a half hour, I set it down thinking a friend could help me. Help she did! And she never touches acrylic (or "ickrylic", as she calls is LOL) So... my knitting nurse ripped back a few more rows, picked up the dropped stitches, and knitted back to where I had been before the ripping. Quite a feat for a self proclaimed Yarn Snob :) In the process of all this I've decided my first cardigan should spoil me, even before I can wear it... and the wool-ease will be turned into my beautiful goddaughter's first child's baby blanket (with some Spud and Chloe mixed in!)

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