Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When is a bag not a bag?

When it's rendered "useless" by the jaws of a Labrador.

My cutesy pink woven straw knitting bag only cost me 2 bucks via thrift store, and it definitely paid for itself 100 fold by the time it met it's maker ... Or should I say, "destroyer"? :)

My almost 3 year old is slightly traumatized by this development. I think she's taken the blame a half dozen times this evening. Such a sweet baby girl :)

Fortunately, my in-laws rock, and only days ago I received a birthday package that contained two bags - one Oakland Raider re-usable bag (go Raider Nation for being environmenta,l as well as *mental*) and two, a fabulous pink Chico bag! I've wanted one for a long time now so on it goes as my WIP bag!

...action shots to come :)

and in my head, I just keep screaming....

...over and over! Was I the only one half way between tears and yelling at the tele last night, during the second season's finale? I mean, I know an intimate relationship between Beckett and Castle could mean sure death for the show but, couldn't we just have a taste, writers?? For goodness' sake! Satiate my need to witness the consummation of their desire, only to return in the fall to find out the finale was all a dream while Bobby was in the shower, if need be, ABC! I can't stand it anymore!

Gahhhh! Is it fall yet??!!