Sunday, May 30, 2010

round up

Not much happening this gorgeous, but hot, May morning. Just relaxing in the air conditioned tv room with Bird, watching The World of Beatrix Potter & Friends on dvd. I'm taking a break from trying to figure out what went wonky with the lace pattern I am using on a traveling scarf. It looks fine ... until I start the new pattern repeat row ... that's when it starts to look like something went amiss. Hmm...whatever the wonk is, I'll figure it out today...eventually*.

Catching up on getting some recent photos I've taken off of my phone, and on to my laptop, it's time for a little photo run down ...

Trying to tame my dreads a bit on a warm day
My Ishbel. Blocked, beautiful, and making itself a lovely shade covering :)
Miss Babs lace weight was used for the main stockinette and beginning of lace pattern section, and Mini Mochi combined because I was running short! It turned out fabulous!
A growing project with Bird. Wild flowers, butterfly bush, and delphinium are sprouting up in the window sill. Outside (and not pictured here) are more wild flowers, and a recently transplanted Lemon Queen Sunflower. They are doing good as well! I'll share pics as soon as it's more comfy outside for hanging out and taking photos.
That's it for this photo round up. Hopefully I'll figure out my lace issue and post pics of it's gorgeousness soon!

*Yep! Figured it out! It seems that when you toss in a K2TOG that isn't part of the repeat, but only the first stitch on the row, things go awry. Who knew?! ;)

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