Monday, May 3, 2010

Maryland Sheep & Wool = happiness

Near the entrance of paradise ...aka Maryland Sheep & Wool
... about noon on Saturday the 1st.
Every time I see an alpaca, I want to take it home!
A view from behind the selling tables in the "official gear" barn. I volunteered a few hours with my friend, Shawn. We had a fun time, and it was a great break from the beaming sun!
At the Frivolous Fibers booth in the main building. Silversmith and fellow knitter, Brenda Rajkovoch, had some of her creations on display. She makes gorgeous shawl pins, stitch markers, earrings, pendants - you name it! She's fabulous!
"Best In Show" Lyra by Raveler, Bryony.
Angora bunnies! So snuggly and sneezy.
A "best in show" felt creation. Awesome.
My take home goodies! for these lovelies
I had a great time! Till next year! xoxo


  1. MDSW was so much fun! I wanted to hug all of the alpacas and I think I spent more time with the sheep than checking out vendors, haha. My best friend and I were developing a plan to go halves on an alpaca, but could you imagine me cruising down the highway with an alpaca's head hanging out of my car on the way home? :)

  2. I'm an old retired guy . I could get into this. Looks like a good time had by all.
    OG Louie

  3. I work at a museum- we have two Alpacas. You would love to cuddle with one everyday.