Friday, September 11, 2009

rainy day knits

Inspired by the rainy weather, and the (knit) cozy feeling it brings with it, I decided to look up knitting patterns using the keyword "rain" today. Here are a few rainy day projects worthy of staying in and getting your craft on!

First up; a great reason to cast on your very first sock! (or continue to be a sock maven!) Rain Drops Beaded Socks by Sandy Pruett. Not so many beads you'll shriek! Just enough to be "perfect!".

Things that make me say ... Yes! Si! Oui! Purple Rain by Nikoleta Nutley - a delicious scarf you'll want to wear on sunny days too. I love The Sodapop Queen's list of reasons for naming it what she did!

I might just be inclined to dance in just my stocking feet in the rain if they were the
Rainy Day Socks by Yuliya Sullivan! Don't be intimidated by the "holes" in the pattern, sock rookies and lace avoiders! I'm not saying "it's over simplified easy", but what I am saying is, "you can do eeeet!"

Rainy Day Goods, I have coveted this caplet from afar for so long now, I may have the pattern memorized just from viewing it so many times. Lace Caplet by Mary-Heather Cogar. Kick back and check out not only her works in progress she shares at Rainy Day Goods, but the photos found there are pretty special too.

(PS: you have to hit up page 2 and look at that Voodoo Poncho! T.D.F!)

Snag this pattern! Rain Drop Shawl Scarf available as a PDF file for download from the KnitChicGrace shop @ Deliciousness for $4! And don't stop at the Rain Drop Scarf, that was only the beginning to the lovely scarf and shawl patterns discovered there ...

I just love this ... who wouldn't love their very own Rainycloud? This and way more adorable creatures and creations are waiting to be perused by you at Mochimochi Land Seriously, Anna Hrachovec, I honestly can't decide which one I love best!

And lastly ... this is a shot from our rainy day in. My little one decided she was going to wear her swim suit :)
Well, I hope you enjoyed this rainy day tour, and if your pattern is in the post, please drop me a note! Or, if you're inspired to take on one of these projects, please share your WIP!

I'm off to go finish up my lace drop scarf that's been aching for some affection. It's been a long month/week/day but I think knitting is the remedy I need right now.

ciao! peace ...

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  1. I love the beaded socks so pretty and your little one is a cutie:)Hugs Darcy