Saturday, September 26, 2009

yarn love

I wasn't even going to mention the fact that I have been mostly absent from posting recently. But, here I go typing it anyway! :) I just haven't felt much like blogging ... I've felt more like livin' (e.g. livin)

Aaanyway, things are in the works ... another trip to California for just me and my Little Bird (Molly-Fae's nickname). We'll arrive just in time for Halloween trick or treats, and stay through Thanksgiving. My mom's happy about that! One of my goddaughters is getting hitched ... I say "one" because she is a twin - the oldest one by 8 minutes, if memory serves me right. (Yep, there's a WIP ready to be cast on for that occasion - I hope the bride likes it/them/not giving it away)

Bird and I have also been spending a whole lotta time at the local libraries and I am getting my shnoz back into books, where it belongs, instead of the fridge :) She loves to pick up books about Clifford, "Four Friends in the Garden" and Caillou. I use my library card to NOT spend more money on books, but renting them instead. My latest obsession is the manga Bleach, and I'm totally hooked. I'm also looking deeper into home-school and Montessori style teaching. And recently one of our "play dates" has actually turned into more of a play school on Friday mornings, offering more structure to it. Sometimes it can be akin to hearding cats but the kiddos love it and they have a lot of fun while learning new things. I'm loving it a lot too!

a recent "classroom" - she loves nature walks!
As for knitting; I am involved in a "Scarf Travels" knit-a-long. I made my square and sent it on to another knitter in N.C., then rec'd a square from my sender to add on to.

my starter square
I will be sending her bit along Monday, while anxiously awaiting the next square! The anticipation is so much fun! I have no idea what yarn or pattern I will knit until I see the scarf to be worked on, and touch it. There's 10 of us involved around the States, and by the time we receive our own finished scarf, it should measure about 50 inches. Yay! I'm stoked :)

And for my personal knitting ... Ysolda. Ysolda. Ysolda Teague! I am just in knit love (not to mention a girl crush ... nothing stalker-ish, don't worry!) with her patterns! They often look like they could be draped on the lush profile of a black and white picture film starlet, but are just as at home in the 21st century, worn by a fabulous mom like myself, with dreadlocks and blue jeans.
simple and pretty ~ Damson
a ways to go on my own Damson ...
The yarn from 100 Pure Wool. Merino fingering weight in Aigua. Yum! I am so glad I got 2 hanks!

And in parting, I leave you with this ...


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  1. I live in California I would love to have the Damson pattern her patterns are so pretty:) hugs Darcy