Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{WIP Wednesday}

I broke out ye olde Singer last night, and set it up on a fold out table. At the fabric store a few nights ago, Bird (DD age 3 1/2) picked out a pattern and asked if I would sew it for her. Ready for a new challenge (and feeling a little guilt that I haven't made her a dress since she was about 1 1/2) I happily agreed.

At the moment I just have the main fabric - Strawberry Shortcake yay! - but I'm looking forward to hitting up the store by myself for a contrast fabric, and maybe even a little lace trim. Fun!
Still a constant W.I.P. are my dreadlocks. Right now the color is a mish-mosh of washed out burgundy, my natural brown, and bleach. I'm not crazy out it but, it doesn't bother me enough to run out and buy more color right now.

Like my Dali impression? ;)
Freshly washed yummm


  1. Its so funny how many of us are suddenly whipping out our sewing machines- it must be the spring of sewing things!! I think I've used mine more in the last few weeks than I have for the last two years! Your dreads look amazing.. so thick!

  2. I need to get out my sewing machine but I'm waiting until I can take over DD's room. That's my excuse.

    Awesome dreads!

  3. I wish I could grow some dreads! I've made a headband for dreads, and I think you need it, seriously.
    Email me and I'll send it to you, if you promise to post a photo of it with your hair.