Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm baaaaah-k!

Miss me?

Ohh, vacation was wunderful! California was luscious - seeing friends and family rocked - and the heart beat of the bay area is still going strong. You'd probably have to be from there, or have visited to even slightly understand what I'z mean. ;)

On the yarn side ... I didn't get around to much. Roseburg Oregon is a nice place to visit (especially if you are of the geriatric variety) but zero yarn shops to be found - even within a short drive! Roseburg's only saving grace was the fact that Fred Meyer's carried a small selection. I did find some cashmere in a slate gray on clearance! I even got a young cousin of mine casting on, and picked up her first pair of knitting needles and some worsted yarn to start working with there. No sweet LYS to tell y'all about though - hrrrm.

For the most part, the one WIP I brought with me was rarely touched ... I was simply having too much fun and/or relaxing too much to knit! Seriously, every time I thought I might knit, I decided not to because I'd probably just fall asleep anyway.

But, back to the bay ... It was awesome to be home. The weather was great, the smells, sounds, food, places to go and things to do ... I love my 925!

Instead of rambling on, I'll show off some pics and head upstairs to have a True Blood double feature with my hubby. I'll be sharing more WIPs soon!

Children's Fairyland - the Crooked Man's Crooked House
view from our motel in Santa Cruz - walking to the beach
having a bang up time with hubby!

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