Thursday, June 4, 2009

to market, to market

Just a little preview of a work in progress! The Fantasy Natural Market Bag had proven so far to be a quick, fun knit! (that is unless my index finger on my hand hand begins to speak anytime soon)
I'm a fan of green and purple together, and finding both available in the new Red Heart Eco-Ways Recycled blend made mixing even more tempting! I mean, how you gonna make a market bag in new yarn? I have a ton of reusable bags as it is that I use for shopping trips - I paid about a buck for each. If this goes well, I'm planning on sharing the market bag love for the holidays and birthdays with friends and family.

For the bottom, I used a sz10 straight, then picked my stitches to a circular 10.5, as it was nearly impossible to pick up the stitches using the 17's I intend to use for the main portion of the pattern. But, I'm taking it as it goes - depending, I may switch to a 13 or 15 circ but, I believe in using the tools you have handy when at all possible :)

*about the photo in the pic - that's my grandma on the day she left San Francisco to head off for Texas. Granny was a WAAC! I have her flight logs from 1943 and it details her trips over head oil fields making sure they hadn't been attacked by "the enemy". Wow.

I miss me some grams. xoxo

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