Monday, June 8, 2009

on the blocking table!

I finally reached bind off on my Cherry Cupcake Summer Shrug! After a delicate wash, I laid it out on my demo table (ask me about what I do for a living!) to block and dry. Looks great, huh?

Yep looks pretty fab ... and then, this appeared. eeerrrggg! At moments like this, thoughts and quotes like "Oh, happy dagger!" or "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!" move through the passages of my mind.
I'm going to wait till it's fully dry and then perhaps "stitch" it up, instead of trying to save the pattern in this area. I'm reeaally hoping it will be on the underside of an arm and not noticeable.

Please, help me Obi Wan ... save my shrug!

edit 10:57pm: I know what must be done, but it hurts too much to think about it! I'm going to frog back to before this catastrophe occurred and finish it up the right way - otherwise, I'll never be happy with it.


  1. oh noes!!!!!!!!!!!! I would be crying for a month! I love that yarn.

  2. I am crying ... I know what must be done!

  3. That is so frustrating I just completed a project only to have to scrap it.I know your pain.(((((Hugging You))))))))