Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Now what do I do?? I just finished my Fantasy Naturale Market Bag! I'm just nutty enough ... and night owl enough ... to want to cast on a new project at 130am! One problem, however ... there's no yarn that I want to play with currently in my stash. hmmf!

Ok, that's only half true ... I have roving that I received in my Phat Fiber Box today that I would LOVE to play with. The problem there? Oh yeah - no drop spindle! Oh, and I've never spun my own yarn ... ever! But I'd love to learn! That is the next craft on my list ;)

The Box
That's your Phat Fiber Box preview teaser for tonight/this morning. Thunder just started rumbling pretty hard, and that means more late spring rain! Gotta shut down and do a window check! Take care, folkies!


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