Sunday, April 26, 2009

the weekend off! well, sorta :)

The last few days have been seasonably hot here in the lovely Metro DC area (said not with tongue in cheek but, biting my tongue really ... I cant help it, I miss California) Aaaanyway, both yesterday and today were in the low 90's. Not bad but, I swear our house has the single worst placement on the planet when it comes to how the sun travels and it's beams hit our homestead.

Having a tri-level town home, we don't have tall enough trees to give any shade to the windows and, we've also found out just what a hunk-o-junk our a/c system is! Thank goodness the owners were already getting estimates to replace the entire system... I just hope the ball rolls fast!
For example; outside the temp is 73 ... inside our house is 81. bleaah At 11pm @ night? Gnarly. And that's why I haven't had it in me to pick up any of my work in progress knits this weekend! I don't want any excess materials touching me LOL Heck we've stayed as least dressed as possible in our house this weekend!

What we did do though, was get up early and head out to the March For Babies fund raiser today. Both last year and this, I've corralled a team together from a mom/kiddo group I belong to and raised fund for the March of Dimes March For Babies. Yeah so, it was a bit warm, even at 9am to walk but ... it was only 3 miles and it was for a beloved cause. Baby girl and hubby joined me today! Hubby and I had some funny conversation for the haul and Molly was content in her shaded stroller thru the route. I'm still collecting donations till June 30th ... if you have loose change, 5 bucks, anything, it's all appreciated! 77 cents of each $1 goes directly to defeating premature birth and neonatal treatments.

It was a great weekend to sweat for a great cause!

Molly practicing her "marching!" for babies!

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