Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Done! (with personality & charisma!)

I finished my Molly's funky hat today - made with Material Whirled's own quirky, chunky style yarn "Egg Hunt". The Personality Hat pattern from Material Whirled is supposed to come to what I call a kind of "pixie point" ... this one wasn't decreasing for me like it was supposed to. Honestly, I don't know why but, I began free forming my decreases after alternating decrease rows, as the pattern called for. Once I noticed I might be in trouble yarn yardage-wise, I worked to keep it fun and cute ... and something I liked as much as I liked the original pattern!

Before whip stitching it flat on top ... taking a look @ the possibilities
my faithful volunteer - always willing to model for me ;)

Heck, it even fits me! But she loves it and though it reached a high of 92, she still wanted to wear it! I'd call this one a successful project finished!


  1. I like this, your little girl looks adorable! I have some chunky handspun, (not too much) that I was looking for a project for. This looks about right.

  2. Looks like both of your models like it, and I can see why. Very cute!
    (came from Ravelry bloggers)