Friday, April 17, 2009

progress and stash

Clapotis ... 18 rows in, aka work up to row 4 in section 2.
I'm taking a breather from my Clapotis. I'm almost afraid to work it since I'm scared I'll frak it up completely LOL Naahh, I'm ok really just, distracted tonight. Hubby is in Boston for the Red Sox game. Nope, he's not a fan, he's in the Army Honor Guard and if you were there, he was the guard to the right of the national colors. And yes, he was lookin a bit like George Washington. It was a colonial job :) And tomorrow night after he gets home, we're driving frantically to the sitter so we can go to a Y&T concert. (go Jamie, it's yer birfday!) Yep, it's my present ... bday not until Thursday.

Lady Slipper ... yummy!
That is a snap of my recent purchase. The photo doesn't do the delicious color justice. See Harrisville Designs for more info about their large variety of knitting, weaving & felting goodies.

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  1. Fantastic, I have been wondering what I need to knit. I need a clotis, I like the colors you have going there.