Sunday, April 19, 2009

my only tulip

And there you have it - the only tulip in my garden! We moved in to our town house back in October so, the front garden was already established. Since then, I've pulled up a few things that were just plain eye sores (in my opinion) and now that there's more room in between blooms and bushes, my strawberries are a lot happier. The Hosta too. I'll get some new gloves soon ... I have zip at the moment so, no gardening till then! I'll post more pics when I get some work done!

Oh, by the way ... did I mention I frogged my Clapotis? Here we go again! ;)

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  1. Thanks for dropping by over at my blog.

    I just moved into my house this past August and this spring has brought MANY surprises to my garden that I didn't know about late in summer. It also brought a lot more hostas than I noticed when I moved in - I planed some, but there are 8 that weren't there when I moved in. They must have been planted last spring and didn't come up. Oh well - free plants, I'm not complaining!