Sunday, April 12, 2009

hold tightly your dreams

Dawning Dreams is an Etsy shop of dreamy, delicious wonders. However, the best thing about these dreams is that you can hold them in your hands.

At Dawning Dreams you will find items to enhance your knit and spinning supplies. Yummy roving that will make you google every "learn to spin" website available, and pretty stitch markers to dangle from your work - to name a few. But the most stunning item for sale (IMO) is the Gold Wire Mask. Maybe it's my *thing* for masquerade balls in times of olde? Or perhaps it's just the idea that a delicate shiny object can change the way I go about my day ... making it somewhat easier and more fun :) I dare you to get it and knit while wearing it! And don't forget to send me a pic!


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