Friday, January 10, 2014

Pardon me, while I dab away the dribble of yummo soup that's running down my chin as I type this ;)

It's been farkin cold here in northeast Kansas lately! Perhaps you've heard of the "arctic vortex" weather phenomenon? We felt it pretty good last week - but thankfully, not nearly as bad as the folks up in Wisconsin and New York though. I hope everyone is warming up and melting down a bit by now!

So, today is a day off for me! (Insert riotous applause...even thought it's just me here) Working at a fabric store is wonderful but, I do love my down time - especially when there's still plenty of snow on the ground and it's hard to stay warm inside without the heater clicking on every 10 minutes.

I've got my husband's army issued blanket - those guys really know how to keep a solider warm when they want to. My Macbook is rolling thru a Criminal Minds marathon. And my current WIP, a simple cowl. I went with this project because I needed to make something, ANYTHING, so I could knit up this hank of Malabrigo worsted in the color "water green", that I've been squooshing now and again, trying to think of what it wanted to be.

my nook

Earl Grey with honey and soup for lunch

Thus far my Malabrigo Neck Thingie is coming along great - it would be better if I could my more slippery needles to use but, I'm using what I can find right now. While searching for my size 8, 16 inch Chiagoo Reds, I figured out that I really, really need to pull all the projects off needles that have been languishing in cast-on fever crazy land, and let's face it, I'll never finish! If I did that, I'd have a whole new set of knitting needles in every size and circular length! Oh, and I never found my Chiagoos. For now I will continue with my bamboo needles and rub them occasionally with wax paper for added slippiness. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I made up a word just then.

my "thingie" so far

It's about time to get back to Criminal Minds, and get this cowl done. My 6 year old has requested a cowl or scarf for herself using my other hank of the same Malabrigo as my own so, I'll be busy here for a bit.

Till next post, be good, be safe, and love one another xo

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