Saturday, December 10, 2011

Turn A Square

I am over the moon excited tonight, since the mail carrier brought me something yarny and fabulous! (I know, I know "yarny and fabulous" is kind of over doing it since it's already fabulous if it's yarny :p ) Anyway ....


A wonderful knitter I know thru one of the Ravelry swappy groups I am in, put up her services to create a "Turn A Square" hat for the claimant of her offer. The lucky person to catch it was meeee!

The solid grayish color is Cascade 220, and the gently changing color is Lion Brand "Amazing". Amazing, indeed... it's very similar to a Noro skein, but a 57/43 wool/acrylic blend.

Here is her picture, with a more up close detail of the color. I am in luuurve!

Turn A Square, as well as many other wonderful knit items/patterns can be found at Brooklyn Tweed

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