Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{hey there, soldier}

Just tootin' my own military spouse horn here ;) Or maybe I'm just happy (read: shocked!) that I finally got a new picture of my hubby in uniform. Before this, all I had was his basic pic...and they take those in the first week or so of basic, not after they are all hooah and cut from training so hard. That's like sooo 5 years ago :p

Right now we are in mid-PCS spin cycle - and boy howdy, does it suck eggs. Originally, hubby received orders to go to Alaska = great! A new adventure for our family. Well, not so. I was not given clearance and sponsorship for medical reasons. Totally frustrating! Now we are hoping the orders for Alaska will be cancelled, and we can move as a family to either Washington state or Colorado.

Hopefully soon I can report back with happy news!

Thank you, military, for wringing my patience and last nerve out!

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