Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reasons To Knit Even If You Are Young

  1. Because you can appear to be so engrossed, even while knitting a garter stitch scarf, that you can ignore annoying, non-knitting people without appearing rude. Seriously, how could they know?

  2. Because developing a yarn habit is cheaper than developing a smoking habit. Usually.

  3. Because you can knit a sweater to get rid of a boyfriend you are no longer interested in and save yourself all of the awkwardness.

  4. Because it’s as mobile as a cell phone without the ridiculous fees for features you never use enough to justify the fees.

  5. Because when you finally do get to the old folks home, you will have something to do with your hands besides stuff your face full of jello.

    {Weekend Knitter}


  1. Hehe, I love number one! That's my favorite tactic. It's especially nice when people assume you can't LISTEN, so you get to eavesdrop while knitting :)

  2. hee hee.

    oh, and to add to 4, unlike a cell phone, it's distracting only when you want it to be, not all the time. and it makes you pay more attention not less when you want it too.

  3. Fantastic post! I think #1 is the #1 reason I knit!