Sunday, December 5, 2010

Renaming my blog?

It just occurred to me that maaaybe I should rename my blog "Lazy ass knit blogger" :) Its not that I don't have news that I might like to share but, then I have to actually sit and type about it - by the time I get the chance, the moment is sometimes lost.

I have a solution, however ... I have resolved to correct the err of my ways and get back to blogging regularly. I do this sometimes ... neglect my blog, that is.

So... on to a WIP update!

I recently started a great shawl! The Snow Drops and Snap Peas Shawl by Kristen Kapur. I was going to cast on Citron but the idea of more stockinette made me cringe just thinking about it! (I'm still mid-way thru a sweater and its the stockinette that has me slowing down on that WIP!) Anyway... my "electric peas", as I like to call it, is already shaping up beautifully!

Talk about instant gratification! The Snow Drops and Snap Peas begins to pay off immediately, as it's patterned throughout. I'd recommend it if the project you're working on has you snoozing ;)

In other news ... my hubby has informed me that as of May, we will be Alaskan residents. He's in the army and well, Uncle Sam decided his services are needed up there. I'm still a bit shocked, reeling from all the ideas I have ever had about "the last frontier", and then there's the idea of actually packing up everything and getting to Anchorage. Now that thought can almost send me into a panic attack LOL At least its always "knitting weather" up there :)

That's all for now, folks. I am going to go back to my Mushi-shi (anime) marathon, and reading up on successfully spinning singles. I'll be blogging on that soon, I'm sure!



  1. Oh my! Alaska?! Yes, definitely knitting weather there.

  2. you're not the only lazy, blog neglecting knitter around these parts. don't worry. ;)

    and your 'electric peas' is gorgeous! must queue.

  3. Your shawl is just gorgeous!

    Good luck with the preparations for moving. You'll probably need more yarn to keep yourself warm in Alaska :-)