Sunday, December 19, 2010

another cast on!

I'm feeling especially wintery this week.... for obvious reasons :) The prospects of living in Anchorage in a few months, and Santa slipping thru the lock on our door later this week, have my insides all flitty and cozy. (Or is that nausea, because there's no pressure involved with either of those, right? LOL)

I don't have a large stash, especially when you compare it to some of my friends and their collections. Mostly I buy only what I "need", unless something jumps out at me, and implores me to take it home. My system works for me, but sometimes what I have on hand just won't do for the projects I have in mind.

Last night I took some well-deserved time off at Fibre Space, my favorite LYS in the area here, and did a little shopping for me! I'm one of those shoppers that normally escapes with a total bill under $30... but believe me, before I've left the store, I was sure to fondle every expensive and luscious hank in there! Thanks to a wonderful friend, last night was funded by a gift certificate. (Thank you, Carol!) latest project is the Guernsey Wrap by Jared Flood. The sample at Fibre Space was knit up in a yummy gray Shelter, and was uber gorgeous! However, I was drawn to a cozy "wild berries" colored worsted yarn by Stonehedge Shepherd's Wool and picked up 3 hanks for the project.

photo borrowed from Brooklyn Tweed

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