Monday, August 16, 2010

{Strike a pose}

Knitters everywhere, rejoice! The Vogue Knitting Fall Fashion Preview has been revealed!

Remember when Def Leppard came out with their permed hair and made the Union Jack the *it* thing to wear across t-shirts and boxers alike? Yeah, I know... the horror! Well, this is so much better! Vogue Knitting's London Calling spread has some awesome knits ...

punks and preps unite!

Also on my "yay!" list... the Home on The Prairie knits. And surprisingly enough to me... socks! Steppin' In Style and Web Exclusive patterns that could make me renounce my pledge to swear them off! (or at least consider doing so!)

Enjoy the latest issue!

all images property of Vogue Knitting/SOHO Publishing

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