Friday, February 26, 2010

Go USA hats!

Hearing "My Waffle House" brings about memories of warm boysenberry syrup and breakfast in San Pablo with grandma @ The Copper Penny. But, not so, this time ;) Today, while seeking a pattern for the faaaabulous hat Julia Mancuso wore after her 2nd silver medal run, I found a pattern for the "Patriotic Earflap Hat". Just as fabulous!

Belgianwaffleknit's awesome Patriotic Earflap Hat

Any clue where I can get a hold of the pattern for this one, knitters? Julia was wearing it after winning silver in the Women's Nordic Combined. Swirls, bobbles, garter, stockinette ... it looks like you have a chance to knit just about any stitch you can think of :)


  1. That's a cool hat alright!

  2. I too was admiring her hats of great awesomeness.

    She had a fabulous collection.

  3. It would not be too hard to reverse engineer this hat. Would be easier if I hat more views of it, and super easy if I had an actual example of it.
    I cannot resist these kinds of challenges.... :)