Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the *real* Winter games

Of course I say that with tongue in cheek! There are so many of us excited about the Vancouver games, set to begin in a few short weeks. But there are additional reasons for knitters and crocheters to be doubly anxious! The Ravelympics!

For the few weeks the Olympics are running, from lighting the torch to closing ceremonies, knitters and crocheters on the site challenge themselves! It's a time to form teams, cast on patterns that we might have been too afraid to work on in the past, use yarns or techniques unfamiliar to us, all in the name of the spirit of fun and friendly competition.

I'm finally figuring out my personal goals and which teams I will commit each WIP to. I have settled on 4 teams. (only!) Team Squeee! (of the Got Friends? group on Rav), Team Sasquatch (a team for podcast fans), Team FGF (Fingerless Glove Fanatics) and Team Knitmore (of the Knitmore Girl's podcast).

My projects lined up so far ...
1- Just Enough Ruffles - for my mom, in 100purewool Chocolate Lace
2- Butterfly Capelet - for Molly, from Interweave Weekend Knits magazine
3- for the WIP category - I plan on finishing my fingerless gloves that have been languishing in my knitting bag for over a month now. They're cashmere too!
4- undecided

I could easily over-commit myself! I want to work on so many things but only having 17 days in which to cast on and hopefully finish each project by the time the closing ceremonies come to an end.

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