Friday, December 18, 2009

keep your hat on!

Hurrah for hats! I recently polished off the finishing touches on hubby's "holiday gift". A Topi hat made with Cascade 220 *not super wash* wool yarn, in a wonderful gray color.

Topi is a top-down knit. The CO that worked for me was casting on 10 stitches and beginning at row 3. Doing so did create a small hole at the top, but that was easily stitched closed after binding off.

For the brim, I used a piece of card board to work out the best shape and fit. The actual plastic used was taken from one of hubby's old ACU hats and trimmed down. A quick stitch up, and done!
In progress - checking for head coverage
posing with baby girl (who was wearing a hankie that day! LOL)
top of the Topi ... the hole was stitched closed upon finishing
getting the brim just right!
Voila! The happy knitter with her FO!
This was a fun knit! I am definitely going to be making more Topi hats!!!

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  1. I love the hat! Nice job and good color, as well:) Hats are fun:)