Wednesday, December 9, 2009

bookmark headband

My "Bookmark Headband" was a spontaneous creation born from the desire to tame my dreads on a "bad hair day". Incidentally, the rest of the day (after binding off) I was pretty stoked about how my hair looked!

Yarn used: Ella Rae Classic; purple (039)
Needle: 10.5

CO 3
R1-3 knit
R4 - K1F&B, K to end
repeat R4 till you have 12 sts

Begin pattern ...
R1 - K3, K6, K3
R2 - K3, P6, K3
Continue in pattern for 15 inches (*not* critical - adjust to fit your own noggin and allow for button placement)

Begin decrease ...
K2TOG, K to end
repeat this row till you have 3 sts

To attach button for fastening, use yarn tail to secure button on one end. Other end, use tail to create a small loop for button to fit thru.

Block lightly, or not.


1 comment:

  1. I wish I had knitted when I had dreads. But alas.

    I did crochet. And I did wear an awful lot of crocheted hats during that time period. Even more after I shaved it all off in a fit of pique at a bad hair day. ;)