Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday rocks!

Sunday has been my favorite day of the week for a long time. Yeah, I know, "but tomorrow is Monday". True, that. Even when I had to arrive at work to drive a cubicle all day, Sunday was still the best day ever. It may have come out of football season - hanging with my friends, usually cooking up something delish and sharing a good time. But, whatever the reason, the feeling of gooey happiness that Sundays drape over me still happens every weekend.

So, here I am on my Sunday, and it's been a beautiful day outside. We didn't do much except hang around the house (hubby, baby girl, and myself) but a few events occurred to make my toes tingle with excitement!

The big one ... True Blood season 2 premiered tonight! No spoilers here, you have to see it for yourself! Bill is sexier than ever. I love Sookie's hair! WTF is going on in Lafayette's world??? And Eric is suddenly the scheisse, IMO. (With tinting foil in the hair? Really??) Ha! What a great episode!

And for the folks who come here for the knitting stuff.... I scored a Phat Fiber Box tonight!!!

If you are unfamiliar with Phat Fiber, where have you been hiding?? Phat Fiber is to yarn hos as darkness is to night ... you can't have one without the other! (Well ok, except for that Midnight Sun thing but you know what I mean!) Phat Fiber shows us the best of hand crafted yarns, fibers, knit and crochet goodies, and the people who make all of this great stuff!

Every month you have a chance to purchase a themed box of goodies from samples donated by awesome artists who want you to see their stuff! They contribute their works to the folks at Phat Fiber, and Phat Fiber stuffs boxes for sale with various goodies. The boxes are filled with everything from a single pattern from one contributor, to an entire hank from another, maybe a stitch marker from another, roving from so-n-so... and on and on. One day a month these boxes are up for sale, and for a few fleeting moments of an Etsy auction it's total madness! They only last for a moment till the next month. Tonight's sale started at 8 EST ... it was over in 1 minute, 30 seconds! (maybe it lasted that long!)

So honestly, the purchase wasn't entirely in my budget right now but it's not very much to spend for beautiful knit goodies coming my way ... and I have a lot of projects aching to get started, just waiting for the perfect yarn to bring it to the head of the queue. I'm looking forward to being able to share my "oceanic theme" Phat Fiber Box with you! Pic included ... promise!

Till then, you'll have to settle for Eric :)

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  1. I dont have HBO but they aired the first episode of this season and I watched it the part where Eric loses his temper had me crawling up the back of my
    My hubby bought me the February phat fiber box and I knit wee socks with my sample skeins lots of fun:)Also for the midnight kal in Sandrasingh's group on ravelry I think Malabrigo sock in tiaziano red would be a perfect fit;)Hugs Darcy