Monday, June 29, 2009

dat be an irie rasta cap, mon

I finished what I call my "bad dred day sample rasta hat" a few nights ago. This project was done with yarn and fiber from my June Phat Fiber Sampler Box.

Ahh yes, the sweet feeling that falls over you like cool water on a hot day, when you finally bind off a project. I may be addicted to it!

see... how happy I am? ;)
Yarn/fiber used;
* Corgi Hill Farm … “Blue Wave” Handspun
* Cool Climates Handspun … “Misty Lagoon”
* Shady Side Farm … DK wool/nylon “Great Lakes”
* Knit It Up … Bamboozled bamboo/merino “Squall”
* H.A.Y. … Oceanic (fiber)
* Nikobee … “Whirling Tides” (fiber)
* a DK weight non-sampler-box forest green wool held with "Squall" towards end of hat to add more green


  1. Love it. And it looks good on ya, mon!

  2. What a nice FO! You got that done toot sweet!

  3. really nice and cute. u are def talented. next time u gotta use the rasta colors(red, yellow,green) to make it look even better man.....check out my blog if you wanna hear some rasta man music......