Thursday, April 16, 2009

shout out for an awesome day!

Big kudos to the fine fiber folks @ Connecticut Yarn & Wool!

I ordered an extra hank of Farmhouse Yarn, Fannies Fingering Weight in Choc. Covered Cherries this morning, to make sure my Calpotis shawl is nice and roomy. At the end of my online transaction I was suddenly sent into a (slight) panic that I might receive something other than what I ordered. (the description was a bit off) I started by making a call, and ended up speaking directly to the lady herself who creates the fabulous yarn @ Farmhouse. It's always nice to speak to "the big cheese" of any company, know what I mean?

Anyway ... long story short, not more than an hour after my worry began, I received a call back from a wonderful woman at CT Yarn & Wool assuring me that I was going to get exactly what I had asked for! I was content (ok, I was still worried) to wait it out and see what arrived in the box and go from there but, it was awesome to get the personal call. Thank you! I hope I get a chance to make it up to CT and show off my Clapotis sometime!

Also on this frikken fabulously gorgeous day ... no really, it was perfect! ... I made a trip to Knit Happens, over in Old Town. I grabbed a 16" 10.5 circular to work on a hat for my daughter, and 2 hanks of delicious Harrisville Designs New England Shetland wool in Lady Slipper. Yummmmm! It'll make for fabulous fingerless gloves!

"That's all?" I came home with, you might ask. Maryland Sheep & Wool is in a few short weeks ... I'm conserving!

After nosing around the book and magazine sections and feeling my way through the yarn selection, I decided maybe I should go back home to make sure it was still standing. Of course it was :) The hubby painted his motorcycle while our 22 month old enjoyed her "outside play", and mommy had some mucho needed "gotta have yarn time". Hope your day was half as good as mine!


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